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What Our Clients Say

Quick response and value for money. Got a VR kit from these guys, it was super affordable and works perfectly. Also got a latest Sony android phone at very competitive rate. Simply awesome!!

Kilweza Unene

Procured a copy of FIFA19 for PS4 at a bargain. Made payment via PayPal and delivery was quick. Thanks for a flawless transaction. Highly recommend MatteBlac.


I bought a PS4 Pro and I have procured a significant number of PS4 games from MatteBlac. What stands out for me is the price of the games compared to most local sellers. Transactions are handled professionally and customer support is excellent. It’s a pleasure to do business with you guys.


Bought PS4 Pro plus 5 games and was given FIFA19 for FREE!!! My kids love the game. Cheers!!


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